An indie artist needs to be comfortable on stage

Many independent musicians choose to stay on that path because they want to avoid the spectacle that can come with major label fame. However, any Indie artist has to be familiar performing in front of others on a stage, unless they only want to release music to a small group of close friends.

The performance is still the modern musician’s greatest asset. Sure, music lovers listen at home, in the car, and in headphones, but attending a live show is still a thrill that people are willing to shell out major amounts of cash for. If you are hoping to make money off of your music, you’ll have to be able to get and perform at live shows.

If you’ve come this far it is probably highly unlikely that you’ve never performed on stage, but singing at friend’s events or performing in local bars can only be a part of the experience required to be a successful live performer.

If you make dance music but aren’t the best dancer, don’t let this hold you back. Taylor Swift has made it well known that she lacks the dance talent of many of her contemporaries, but she still gives it her all in every live performance, which keeps fans coming back. The key is being true to who you are – audiences love to see confidence on stage, and will hardly if ever notice when you mess up.

The thing about performing on stage is that for a full show, there will be times when you are on stage but not singing. You don’t want to be awkwardly looking out at the audience, no matter the size, so you’ll want to be comfortable with filling in these gaps with humor, inspiration, or just off-the-cuff chatter that makes your audience feel intimately connected to you.