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How to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android

Ever struggled with data transfer when you sold off an old phone? If you have, then you will understand exactly how difficult it can be move your all personal information to another device without the use of a laptop. Most of us just dump everything in iCloud or Google drive and forget about it. Some of us do not even bother to do that and just press the factory reset button and delete all those contacts from our old phones before we get rid of it. Then we log in to Facebook and post a status requesting all our friends to ‘kindly message their number’ to our inboxes. If you are amongst those who still do this, then you risk being called primitive and silly by all those who read your status on a social networking site! It is now extremely easy to transfer all your old contacts from your old device to any new device that you buy. All you need is the new MobileTrans App by Wondershare. With this app, you are armed with the very best in data transfer software technology. No more posting statuses begging people for their numbers anymore. You are one step away from being the ‘smartest’ smart-phone owner in the neighborhood!


The MobileTrans app is currently available for download at the Wondershare website and also in the App store. If you are thinking of transferring your stored contacts from the iCloud to your new device, then all you have to do is download the MobileTrans app and follow a few simple steps to get all your contacts transferred to your new phone within seconds. The MobileTrans app is compatible with all the latest versions of Android, iOS and Windows OS. Whichever OS your new phone runs on, this app will make it super easy to get all your personal information to your new device.