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How to get my ex back even after pushing him away

How to get your ex boyfriend back, break ups can also be a result of misunderstandings that you have with your ex. There can be the circumstances when you misunderstood them and they were innocent but later you came to know certain facts about them and realized the situation. This happens with lots of people around that they react so hastily in the situation and do not listen to anyone and took decisions single handedly, which results in the regret and they realize in the end about the innocence of their partners which they ignored for the time being. Here are some of the points about How to get my ex back even after pushing him away:

  1. Kill your ego: Behave with them with decency, let them know how mush deeply you realize your mistake and look forward to correct it as soon as possible, so that they should know too that you also love them as they do. And it was just a matter of time that drew both of you apart otherwise no one else can. So, give them some time to come down to any concrete decision But kill your ego before going to them as it is your mistake that you are regretting so try to be precise and sorry.
  2. Plan something for your partner and surprise him: Things will be a lot if he loves surprises and you really know how to surprise them, so just plan it and throw it. It can be a party too, where you make him drink like anything and dance with him so that he forgets all the bitter things that happened between you people and becomes ready to start a fresh life with you.

Leisure have the power to make people forget easily, so look forward for a fun activity that make you and him feel the same way.