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The Benefits of an LED Video Wall over a Projector Screen

Remember the old days when we had those projector screens even at major events? The screen would be illuminated by a projector from somewhere in the distance, and another device would produce the light on the screen. One of the biggest drawbacks of this projector screen was the light was thrown from afar. If anyone would happen to get in the path of light, they would form a very ungainly and even embarrassing shadow on the screen.


Now, with the advent of the LED video wall technology, this problem is passe. This technology basically uses a number of smaller LED screens to create a large screen, which is known as a video wall. Since it is based on the Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, which illuminates the screen from behind and not from the front as a projector screen does, there is no doubt that the picture quality produced is highly superlative.

Another problem with projector screens was that it was fixed and difficult to move. The projector needed to be mounted somewhere in the early days (though now we have portable projectors) and the screen itself needed to be affixed to a wall. That impediment is taken care of by the video wall technology. This screen is modular, since it is made of several smaller screens. Hence, you can be flexible with size and location. Even if you change your mind and decide at the last moment that you need to put up the screen somewhere else, it can be done in a few minutes.

The maintenance is quite low too. If a projector conks out, the entire display is gone. However, if one of the LED screens conks out, it can be much more easily replaced.

No wonder that most corporates are using LED video walls for their events nowadays. With the sharper quality and better convenience, it is a no-brainer why they are rising in popularity.