Tips for a Safe First Date with your Sugar Daddy

If you want to date a sugar daddy, you are not alone. Many women are making this decision and enhancing their life with it. But, just as it is a bit dangerous to date a man that you meet in a bar or club or anywhere else, you want to make sure that those first few meetings are safe. You only know what a person is willing to tell you, and you never know when that is the truth. Take a look at these tips and put them to good use when you are on your first date with a new daddy.

Public Meeting

Make sure that you meet your sugar daddies in a public place. This can be a restaurant, a bar, a comedy show, etc. but make sure that you are surrounded by other people.

Tell a Friend

Make sure that you tell a friend or two who you are going out with and where you plan to go. It is always a good idea that someone know where you are at all time.

Stop Sharing

Do not give a daddy any really personal information about yourself. This could be your home address, credit card numbers, etc. Reveal a bit of info about yourself, but remember that there is a lot that you want to keep to yourself.

Be Smart

If you meet a man that is requesting you to send him money, use a money transfer service or something else that just doesn’t quite sound right, run with the wind and report him to the website owner as soon as you can.

Don’t move to Fast

It is easy to fall for someone that does and says all of the right things, so make sure that you take things nice and slow until you really know who you are dealing with. Sadly there are many online sugar daddy fakes out there and you do not want to be a part of that.